Lindsay Irwin

Here are some Tableau graphs
In this graph we see a depiction of the different profit levels for each state.
The darker colors represent numbers farther away from zero; blue shows positive quantites while orange shows negative quantities.
The state making the most profit is California with $76,381.
Texas has the greatest loss at -$25,729.
I am from California.
It is the best state because of its beautiful beaches and also its profitability.
California is the most profitable of all the states included in the data.
California has an impressive profit margin of $76,381.
Out of all of California's profit, here we can see which sub-categories of products are the most profitable.
The sale of accessories is raking in the most dough for California.
They only have one category, Tables, that is making a negative profit(not shown).
The number shown on each buble is the profitability for that sub-category.
In this graph we can see the trend of sales of Accessories in California over time.
It is grouped by quarter so that we can better see the trend.
The forecast of sales through November 2015 is shown in the lighter orange line, surrounded by the orange haze of the margin of error.
Sales are generally best in the fourth quarter.
It looks like sales will drop in th earlier part of the year but then pick back up toward the end.

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