Lindsay Irwin

My Resume


Brigham Young University ~ 2013-Present

Sonora High School ~ 2009-2013

Work Experience

Nu Skin Sales Support ~ 2016-Present

Chick-fil-A Cashier ~ 2012-2013


Volunteer Representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ~ 2014-2016

Tutor for college and high school students ~ 2010-2014

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  • (562)697-7554


A little more about me

  1. I'm 21 years old

  2. I love to dance, sing, read, and laugh

  3. My favorite color is orange

  4. I speak fluent Spanish

I love Snowboarding. It's one way that I can endure the cold winter months.

This is my sister, Allyson. She's on a mission right now in the Dominican Republic.
Batman is my favorite superhero. I enjoy watching all types of superhero movies.

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